About Us

Our accounting firm was established August 1, 1976 to provide solutions to businesses' and individuals' financial needs and problems. Our primary services include accounting, auditing and tax preparation.  Other services we frequently render include financial and estate planning, payroll and accounts payable checkwriting and business valuation.  We also offer peer review services to other CPA firms. We are an equal opportunity employer and are members in good standing of the NCACPA and AICPA.

Our firm embraces technology to enhance communications between clients and our firm team members.  We can access office programs and data from anywhere in the world via the internet 24/7.  Our files are fully encrypted and maintained in a secure underground bunker and backed up at numerous geographic locations around the country. This allows us the ultimate in security and accessability.
Our Mission Statement is continually evolving to a higher level as each individual team member grows and develops.  We strive to at all times to acheive the following:

1. Care enough about our clients to help them obtain their dreams by assisting them in increasing their net worth by providing quality financial services and products.
2. Build relationships on the bedrock of honesty and integrity.
3. Always render a consistent, high quality, timely service regardless of which team member is providing the service.
4. Have in place a work environment that allows every team member to enjoy their work and gain satisfaction from employment.
5. Utilize technology and training to such a degree that the firm has a distinct advantage over our competitors and efficiency is at the maximum.
6. Project a positive image through every aspect of our organization, especially in the many little things that collectively distinguish a great business from an ordinary business.
7. Encourage all team members to be in the forefront of civic activities, advancement of the profession and personal development by encouraging and fully supporting those endeavors.
8. Develop and maintain systems and practice aids that are so refined that they enable us to easily hire individuals that can quickly transition to productive team members.